Immersion Plus - Placement Test
This test is used to check the level of English of candidates to Celil Immersion Plus.
Try to answer all the questions by yourself. By asking for help or going to a grammar book or a dictionary you will be cheating yourself and won't do you any good. So your answers should provide evidence of what you can do alone.

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1. When can we meet again?
2. We have ______ information about that.
3. My aunt is going to stay with me.
4. Would you prefer lemonade or orange juice?
5. ______ they start production a long time ago?
6.Our ______ for this project is over a million dollars.
7.Our country has a very ______ economy at the moment. It’s good news for business.
8 _______ you free next week?
9 I want to speak to the ______ of this conference.
10 Prices remained ______ at the same level as last year.
11 He wants to ______ a complaint to the manager.
12 If you ask them, they ______ you.
13 We need to finish. We’re ______ out of time.
14 Let’s look ______ this chart.
15 He’s leaving the company ______ they wouldn’t promote him.
16 I’m in charge _____ dealing with other companies.
17 One way to _____ employees is to offer them a bonus.
18 The company was set ______ ten years ago.
19 We need to take legal ______ against them for copying our products.
20 Since 2003, bosses _____ slow to handle this problem.
21 Global warming will ______ to a change in the way we use energy.
22 This is _______ designed than the previous model.
23 Analysts were surprised to hear the company had declared itself _______.
24 Can you fill in this _______ form?
25 The person at the door, _______ greeted you, is the HR manager.
26 If we ________ him, we wouldn’t have gotten an answer.
27 Would you be interested ______ joining us for a drink?
28 You ______ come if you don’t want to. It isn’t obligatory!
29 She _______ if he’d ever been to Spain.
30 The box _______ over to warehouse on this conveyor belt.
31 By the end of next year, the new factory ________.
32 What will you need in the _______ of resources?
33 Let’s try to improve the team ______ with a party!
34 You don’t know what the difficulty is, ______ you?
35 Regular _______ to our mobile phone services can receive big discounts.
36 We are not willing _____ anymore funding for this.
37 Let’s try to ______ an agreement before the end of today.
38 That’s _____ of the question I’m afraid.
39 I can’t _____ the importance of more training.
40 ______ energies are things like wind power and solar energy.
41 A ______ is a situation where there is only one supplier of goods or a service.
42 They have a 30% ______ in that company.
43 The bank is going to ______ me half of what I need.
44 He never listens to anyone else and only does what he thinks. He’s so ______.
45 For the ______ of these people, there is only one objective.
46 He turned be considerably older than I had imagined.
47 The windows in this house are in urgent ......... of replacement.
48 The experiment .............. testing people’s responses before and after drinkig coffee.
49 Maintaining an accurate balance sheet is essential, you are in.
50 I’d lived in Australia, so I was used to ............. on the left side of the road.
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