2021 Scouting for Food Report Form
Thank you for your unit/town 2021 Scouting For Food Drive. Please use this form to report your collection results. We want to know "roughly" how many pounds of food you collected as well as number of people, hours (you should also report to National) and who received your donation. Average bag is 10 pounds - # bags x 10 to estimate collection weight
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How many non-scouts participated (siblings, members of the community)? *
Did you receive donations other than food? (cash, gift cards, etc) *
If you checked yes above, please tell us what was received.
How many pounds of food was collected? *
Pounds can be estimated by multiplying the number of bags by an average 10lbs per bag. Please enter number only - no comas, no abbreviations (10000 vs 10K)!
What food pantry was food taken to?
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