TNR Staff Application
Interested in becoming a staff member at TNR? Fill out this application form below. Note that while we are always accepting applications, we are not always hiring admins. If you want a shot, put some effort into your application.
What is your most frequently used username or moniker? *
This is not your current username, this is the name that the most people will recognize you by. Whichever name you keep the most consistent between accounts should go here. Unless you always keep them in your name across the board, clan tags are not necessary here.
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What is your Discord username AND number identifier? *
This is not your nickname in any channels, this is specifically your username and 4-digit number ID following a # symbol after your name. You can find it by going to Discord, opening Settings, and then under My Account it shows. Example: "JohnDoe52#1928"
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What is your Steam64ID? *
You can easily find your Steam64ID by using this nifty site:
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What is your current Unturned name as of this application? *
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How old are you as of this application? *
Answer as a whole number, ie, "14" or "17".
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How often do you think you will be available to play on the server?
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What advantage would you bring by becoming a member of the TNR staff? *
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Have you ever been an admin before, and on what server?
Feel free to list any server experience here, even if it isn't Unturned.
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Are you currently an admin on a server, and if so, which server?
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how familiar are you with Rocket commands and permissions? *
Be honest with this one. We don't expect everyone to be a plugin guru, but a little knowledge is appreciated. Knowing how to use /home, /tpa, and the like puts you at about a 5. Being able to tell others how to use /buy to purchase vehicles puts you around an 8. Knowing how the permission files are structured and how to read them puts you at a 9. Being able to set up your own Rocket server, and customize the plugins on it, puts you at a 10.
Basically know little to nothing, have only ever really played Vanilla.
Know enough to configure and set up a Rocket server without assistance.
Tell us a little about yourself.
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Were you referred by any staff member?
Don't worry, "No" is an acceptable answer!
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How did you find our server?
If you didn't find it using any of the mentioned methods, please list it under the "Other" checkbox. The in-game server list is Unturned's server browser. Online server lists are websites like
Where are you from, and what timezone are you in? *
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What language(s) are you fluent in? *
Answer as many as you know. If you know C#, or any other development languages, feel free to list them here too. We are always looking for new developers. If there are any languages you aren't fully fluent in, list them here but mark them as (Beginner), or (Speak but cannot write), or similar
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Why do you intend to join the staff team here at TNR? *
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Approximately how long ago did you start playing Unturned?
A solid date is not necessary, "about 4 months ago" is just fine. Also acceptable is the stage of the game. "3.0", "3.0 early alpha", "2.0", "Pre-alpha", and "Deadzone" are all various stages of development the game has gone through over different time periods.
How long have you been in the TNR community? *
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Thank you for applying to the Nexis Realms!
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