Pomento Coin Airdrop
Pomento Coin (POM) is a crypto coin with a maximum supply of 11 million coins. It is affiliated with pomento.in. In this airdrop, you need to do the following tasks and eligible 200 people will get 500 tokens each and guranteed 0.2 Pomento Coins per referral. Also, all members joining the airdrop will certainly get ₹50 and ₹1000 for signing up on Pomento and Pomento IT Services respectively. 

Join Telegram Channel- https://t.me/pomento_coin_updates

Join Telegram Group- https://t.me/pomento_coin

Follow Twitter Profile- https://twitter.com/thepomento

Retweet Pinned Tweet and Tag three people with hashtags #Pomento #Pomento_Coin

Follow Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/thepomento

Subscribe to Youtube Channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyluRIL2e21CLuHZW-Pb_bQ

Follow Linkedin Page- https://www.linkedin.com/company/thepomento

Sign-up on Pomento (Get ₹50)- https://pomento.in/my-account/

Sign-up on Pomento IT Services (Get ₹1000)- https://it.pomento.in/my-account/ 

Join Pomento Community on Discord- https://discord.gg/sAxdmS3aeP

Follow Pomento Medium Profile- https://pomento.medium.com/

Refer to the airdrop and earn an additional 0.2 Pomento Coins per referral - https://forms.gle/57997bVHjKZprbFF7
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