International Summer Camp: "Kaunas Wonderpolis Junior" | Erudito licėjus
International Summer Camp 2019:
“Kaunas Wonderopolis Junior”

“Kaunas Wonderopolis Junior” camp will guide the students in an adventure of Kaunas wonder-city, place which keeps many wonderful stories. Participants will practice creativity and innovation while creating a small model of Kaunas “Wodnerpolis” through exploring city, playing different games, participating in variety of activities and creating digital stories of their own experiences. Camp will also ensure that students’ knowledge is expanded in Digital Literacy, in language and communication and the understanding of historical values of Kaunas.

🗒 General Information:

‣ Option 1: First Week 22 Jul- 26 Jul, 9am- 5pm daily.
‣ Option 2: Second Week 29 Jul- 04 Aug, 9am- 5pm daily.
‣ Option 3: Both Weeks.

‣ Age group: 7-10 years old
‣ Price: 180 Euro (price includes lunch, snacks and all activities) / per week.

‣ English communication skills: B1 level
‣ ICT skills: Basic level

🎨 S-K-A (Skills - Knowledge - Attitudes)
‣ Creativity and Innovation.
‣ Communication and Collaboration.
‣ Research and Information Fluency.
‣ Critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making.

🎒Cambridge Global Perspectives:
‣ Working for/with community of Kaunas, supporting and participating in Kaunas 2022 activities, collecting information and conducting investigations for group projects.

✨ Visual Arts and Crafts:
‣ Experimenting different craft materials and techniques while creating a “wonderpolis” of Kaunas. Participants produce sketch of the “wonder” city through exploring and experiencing Kaunas surroundings, visiting key identical places, collecting information about them and experiencing diversity of activities.

🇬🇧 Global English:
‣ Practicing and experiencing spontaneous communication, interacting in motivating and playful contexts together with international teachers, guests and participants.

🏙 Digital Storytelling and City Games:
‣ Participants will be expressing their observations and ideas through digital visual means by creating their own digital stories or playing city games like Scavenger Hunt, Monopoli, Jumanji, Minecraft etc.

‣ Kaunas 2022: supporting and participating in different activities of Kaunas 2022: e.g. Fluxus Labas, The Mythical Beasts of Kaunas, guided trip around old town to discover the architecture of Kaunas and etc.
‣ Community Work: visiting dog shelter, volunteering to clean up streets, visiting zoology museum and zoo-park (Mega).
‣ Creating “Wonderpolis” and Digital Stories: visiting key identical places of Kaunas, recording pictures, videos, interviews, working in group to design miniature buildings and sights of Kaunas and creating digital story of the whole experience.
‣ Sport and Leisure: bowling, boat ride, kayaking, batutu park etc.

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