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Till and Deniz welcome you to join them at their Artist Habitat, a place made by artists for artists :)
Hello future participants of our volunteer program :)
Please take the time to answer the following questions for us.

🥁 🔈️Big Shoutout to everybody seeking for a unique Volunteer experience in the sun 🌞🌳💪🎋
❗TADAH artist habitat is searching for motivated individual who wants to join the TEAM autum 2019.❗

➡️ Deniz is 8month pregnant at the moment, THis is why after the 23rd of September TADAH will be mostly closed for guests. If You are planning on volunteering this Autum please be aware that it will be a very calm period unlike the usual hype with a bunch of ppl staying at tadah. If you are the type of person that gets easily bored without a lot of company u might wanne look into another time to volunteer at tadah.

➡️ Minimum length of stay is three weeks: starting
➡️ Accommodation: double private room with the other Volunteer 🛏🏚
➡️ Food: 3 healthy vegetarian meals daily + snacks and drinks) !!🌳 🐓🥑🍲🥗
➡️ Access to all features of TADAH during your stay 🏖🎠🎪 : Studio, Props, Garden, community space, Pool, Bikes etc.
➡️ Your Tasks gonna be e.g. helping in preparing food, watering the garden, carrying and washing plates, brooming the studio doing videos and or photos, small office work, feeding the chickens, cutting wood, making compost
➡️ Personal training possible prectically at all times/ as long as it doesnt conflict with your tasks
➡️ People applying for a two month period will be preferred over others for better work-flow and less organisation.
➡️ To everyone who has applied to us in the past already: We are very sorry if we haven't responded to your application. 🙏 This is most probably because your offered time frame was not fitting our needs. We have tried to nevertheless answer all of you but it might be that some of you have slipped through the grit. Please feel free to try again this time.

We are loOking forward to your applications, hope to cu here soon bests Till&Deniz
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Thank you for taking the time to go through these questions. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Till and Deniz :)
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