LFC Tutor Application Winter 2019
Learning for Charity is an organization committed to tutoring University of Ottawa science students a variety of different courses for a low price. This year, ALL proceeds will be donated to the CHEO Foundation. We are currently looking for volunteer tutors for the 2018-19 school year!

To apply for our exec team, visit this page. You can get more involved with us behind the scenes!

Voici le formulaire en français:

LFC has a flexible schedule that caters to when you're available and for how many hours per week, to accommodate every tutor. You don't need prior experience in tutoring. We encourage people to try new things, and we'll walk you through it every step of the way.

To be eligible to tutor for LFC, you must meet the following criteria:

1) Be a part-time or full-time student at the University of Ottawa
2) Meet one of the two criteria below for any course you wish to tutor​​​:
a) Has taken this course and received at least an A (≥85%)
b) Is currently taking this course this semester and has achieved an A+ in the prerequisite (≥90%)

​(Tutors who are first-year students as of Fall 2018 must have achieved at least a 90% in the Grade 12 prerequisite of the first year course and is enrolled in this course).

For any questions or concerns, please email us at learningforcharity@gmail.com

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1. General Information
Tutors already registered with LFC do not have to fill out this form again. I will let you know of next steps.
What is your name? *
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What is your uOttawa email address? (rewrite even if it's the same as preferred email) *
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What is your phone number (optional)?
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What program are you in? *
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What year are you in, as of Fall 2018? *
I am able to tutor in (Check all that apply)
2. Tutoring Information
LFC strives to be flexible with how much you want to put into this club. We're giving you lots of freedom in choosing how your 2018-19 year will look with us.
What courses are you able to tutor? *
You must have either 1) achieved at least an A (GPA 9) in the course, OR 2) be currently taking this course and achieved ≥90% (A+, GPA 10) in its prerequisite (they are grade 12 courses for first-year classes). Feel free to add a course under "Other" that you are able to teach should it not appear in the list below. This is only for Winter 2019. We will send out a new form for years to come.
Which of the courses you selected above have you NOT completed yet? (Write "N/A" if you've completed all courses you intend to tutor) *
Again, to teach a course you have not completed, you must 1) Have a 90% or above in its prerequisite, and 2) You must be taking the course in the same semester as you're tutoring it. You need to keep up with the course material throughout, but it's a great motivator to study early and stay on track, and we encourage you to help fill the demand for upper year courses. Please type all the course codes for courses you have not completed but want to tutor, separating them with commas.
Your answer
I acknowledge that I must have obtained at least an A (85%+) for courses I have taken and an A+ (90%+) for prereqs to courses I have not taken, for all courses I have selected, to tutor it. *
How often are you available to tutor? (each session will be 1h 15min) *
This is just on average, and it may vary week-to-week. But you get to approve every session assigned to you, and you may change this answer anytime throughout the year.
Please check your general availability for Winter 2019 from the options below:
Please select all the timeslots where you are able to tutor. Your weekly shifts will only fall in these time slots, but they will not exceed your availability specified above. They are not set in stone: You will get to personally approve of every session you will get to tutor, and you will receive around four days' notice in advance. You may also change this answer anytime throughout the year.
3. Questions
Please answer these questions pertaining to your interest in LFC. :)
Why are you interested in becoming a tutor with Learning for Charity? *
Your answer
If you got the opportunity to design a fundraising event for Learning for Charity, describe the event you would plan. *
In addition to tutoring, we will have a few sales and other fundraising activities to raise more money for CHEO. We'll consider any ideas you have. Be creative!
Your answer
4. Extras!
Your responses to the following questions will NOT affect selection. They are just to let us know more about you and lets us plan accordingly.
Do you have experience tutoring/mentoring? If yes, Describe them. If not, what do you expect to get out of tutoring for LFC? *
Your answer
What is your confidence level toward you tutoring 1 on 1? *
Easy Peasy
5. Submit!
Thank you very much for applying. I know this was a long form to fill out. We will notify you in a week with regards to your submission. This will be about three weeks for the position of VP Promo. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact learningforcharity@gmail.com
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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