Aerocool/ThunderX3 Media and Influencers Program
Promote the PC tech and lifestyle you love by earning gifts and hardware through our program. Fill out the fields below.


If you run Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter channel:
- 10,000 subscriber base
- post at least 3x / week
- average of 100 likes / post

If you run YouTube:
- 20,000 subscriber base
- post at least 1 video / week
- 4,000 views per video

If you run Twitch or FB streaming:
- 7,000 subscriber base
- 20 average views / stream
- stream at least 1 / week

If you run a site:
- monthly traffic average of 75,000 visits
- 1,500 average visits / article

*if you do not meet minimum requirements but have a unique partnership proposal, we still encourage you to apply! You never know if you don't try.

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