Crimson Lax LLC Waiver Form

Each of the undersigned hereby states: I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of
catastrophic injury, paralysis, and even death, as well as other damages and losses, associated with participation in a
lacrosse tournament or school (heretofore referred to as “lacrosse events”). I agree on behalf of myself, my heirs
and personal representatives that Crimson Lax and their members, owners, directors, officers, agents, employees,
volunteers as well as Harvard University or any of its members, officers, agents, employees and volunteers
(collectively the “Covered Parties”) shall not be held liable for any injury, damage to personal property, loss of life
or other loss or damage as a result of my participation in Crimson Lax Classic Tournaments or Lacrosse School or
any activities relating to Crimson Lax or conducted by the Covered Parties. It is my specific intention that none of
the Covered Parties shall have any liability whatsoever as a result, or in connection with my participation in
Crimson Lax Lacrosse Events; I hereby waive any claims that I might have against any Covered Parties and release
all Covered Parties from such liability; and I agree to indemnify the Covered Parties against any such claim.

In Addition, each of the undersigned hereby agrees to the following:

I certify that my child is in good health and is able to participate in physical activities, including lacrosse.

I hereby give consent to Crimson Lax, the owners and operators of Crimson Lax and all other Covered Parties to
provide, through medical staff of its choice, customary Medical/Athletic Training attention, transportation and
emergency medical services as warranted in the course of my participation in activities related to Crimson Lax
Lacrosse Events

I understand that lost equipment and personal belongings are not the responsibility of Crimson Lax

If any of the Crimson Lax event rules are broken, it is grounds for dismissal from the event and grounds and no
refund will be granted by Crimson Lax

I/we understand that Crimson Lax rents facilities from Harvard University and that Harvard University is not a
sponsor nor a co-sponsor of Crimson Lax or any of their events, including but not limited to the Crimson Fall
Classic, Crimson Summer Classic, Crimson Youth Fall Classic, Crimson Youth Summer Classic, Crimson Lax
School, or the Crimson Elite Clinics

I/we have read and freely signed this agreement, which shall take effect as a sealed instrument:
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