FLY - Departments of IT, Marketing and Speaker Series Application
This form is an application for a position as a member in one or more of these departments in Financial Literacy for Youths: Malaysia. The departments are the IT Department, Marketing Department, and Speaker Series Department.

• IT Department - This department is responsible for maintaining the website, handle publications, and conduct Search Engine Optimisation to the website. Applicants do not have to be experienced in web development or be from an IT background, as we will provide the necessary training through a mentor. Applicants must however possess good communication skills, good command of English language and be willing to learn.

• Marketing Department - This department is responsible in supervising and executing all marketing efforts pertaining to FLY: Malaysia. These marketing efforts are carried out primarily to promote FLY: Malaysia as a whole, its' produced contents such as researches, infographics and journalistic articles, and events organized by FLY: Malaysia in partnering educational institutions. Such efforts include digital marketing and physical marketing, where digital marketing efforts are conducted on social media platform such as Facebook and Linkedin, whereas physical marketing include promotional activities in relevant venues and engaging media platforms. Although no advanced marketing skills is required, applicants must possess good communication skills and willingness to learn, explore and execute marketing techniques.

• Speaker Series Department - This department is in charge of all matters pertaining to corporate partners relationship and organizing events in partnering educational institutions. Among common standard operation procedures are such as engaging, discussing and negotiating with both corporate and educational institutions, and managing all events operations prior to and during the commencement of these events itself. Applicants must possess good communication skills, firm command of the English language, and willingness to endure stress commonly associated with event managements.

FLY: Malaysia is a rapidly expanding student body that offers unique opportunities to its' members. Hence, it should be noted that successful applicants who applied for any department would also be given opportunities to expand their skillset and exposure in other departments where deemed beneficial.

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