"Back to School" Student Return Decision Survey
Welcome to the Polk Schools "Student Return Decision" Survey. It's now time for us to ask what your decision will be for your student(s) to return to school this fall. As stated and described in a previous message to families, students may return to school under one of three options. Although you may still have some questions we do need for you to commit to a choice. If you need more help in making your decision we ask that you contact your school principal Monday or early next week and they can assist you. We would like to have these surveys completed by next Wednesday, August 5.

We have included some other questions that will help us as we plan for things like transportation and internet access. Please read the questions and associated information before making your choices. As before we are asking that you complete an individual survey for each student in your household as some may have different needs and plans for students in different schools or grades. Your responses are critical in helping us finalize our plans, and we thank you in advance for completing these surveys and for sharing them with other families.
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