Uptown and Buena Park COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up
The Uptown and Buena Park Solidarity Network is compiling a list of local volunteers for mutual aid work around COVID-19 in our neighborhoods. We are a grassroots group of neighbors looking to help each other and our community during this time. Our efforts are still in development, but we will reach out to everyone who signs up. We won't share your information with anyone else without your consent.

Thank you so much for looking out for others during a crisis that is reinforcing individualism in increasingly harmful ways. Safe distancing is important, but we also have to be able to hold each other, even when we're apart. Our government has failed us. We must love and care for one another. Important: Noting that you would like to be contacted about any of the work mentioned below does not constitute a hard and fast commitment. We know people's circumstances can be unpredictable. Checking "yes" just means we may hit you up if an opportunity to do that kind of volunteering arises.

If you are an elected official, a member of law enforcement, or a landlord, you are explicitly ineligible for being a part of the network.
What is your name? It doesn't have to be your legal name, just how you would like us to call you. (Please indicate your pronouns as well, if that's something you would like to share.) *
Do you wish to be contacted about fundraising to support mutual aid work in our community around COVID-19? *
Would you like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities that involve being outside, such as distributing groceries or delivering food and leaving it outside the doors of people on quarantine? (Note: Risks and best practices will be discussed before any work is done. People over 50 and people with underlying conditions should be especially cautious in these times, so this option will not be right for everyone. We will follow the city's and the CDC's guidelines) *
Would you like to be contacted about volunteer opportunities that involve picking up donations, such as groceries, from stores or other businesses and transporting those materials to volunteers for distribution? *
Would you like to be contacted about tasks that you can complete remotely from your home, such as online awareness raising or distribution of crucial information? *
Do you have special skills or particular resources you would like us to know about? Specialized knowledge, connections with other organizations, direct experience with something, other languages, etc.
Which are the cross streets nearest to you?
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