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Company Health Assessment
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Team members have trust and are fully transparent. *
Team members engage in productive and open conflict on issues. *
Meeting end with confirmed specific and active agreement on decisions. *
Team hold each other accountable. *
Members are focused on team #1. *
Members agree and are passionate about vision & strategy. *
Team has clear & embraced behavior values. *
Team has clear goal to rally around. *
Members are comfortable asking questions about each others work. *
Vision and strategy are regular reviewed by team. *
The team has clearly communicated the vision and strategy to ALL employees. *
Team members routinely flow down behavior to departments. *
Team has agreement and cascades messages quickly. *
Employees can accurate state vision, strategy and goals. *
Organization values, vision, strategy, behavior is reinforced with human systems. *
Organization is simple and consistent with goal setting and progress reviews. *
Separate meeting are held for tactical and strategic discussions. *
Meetings are focused and result in active open dialogue. *
Meetings allow enough time for debate, resolution & certification. *
Team meets quarterly on strategic review and realignment. *
I would like to receive a live 1 on 1 review of my assessment (approximately 15-20 minute review). *
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