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1. If you would like to receive a copy of this report when have completed it, or if you would like us to contact you please provide your business, organization or project name and a contact method.
Please provide your business, organization or project name a contact method.
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2. Please select a type of automation project or provide a brief description of the custom software you would like to develop​​.​
3. Please select the departments this application will affect. ​
4. Is this project for a new business, or an existing, established business? ​
5. Is there a written Business Plan for this project?
6. Is this a fixed project with specific goals or is this part of ​a continuous improvement process?
7. Is this project part of a strategic plan or is it intended to solve an immediate business problem(s), or both? ​
8. Are you aware of any technical issues such as remote access, integration with other applications or payment processes that may need to be understood before starting to develop or are you confident that technical issues are not a concern?
9. A Features List describes all of the 'things' you require the application to do - do you have a Features list and if so how complete is your list of features?
10. Will you require Administrator Documentation and Training Resources for your team or other users?
11. Is your user training process formal - for example your organization trains using standardized training manuals - or informal, your organization trains one-on-one?
12. An Application Development Plan details a complete set of application requirements before developers start coding, similar to the blueprints used to build a house. This protects the project budget and timeline from 'scope creep' 'content confusion' and 'feature uncertainty' etc. On the other hand some projects require a fast paced, adaptive, Iterative approach. Do you need the certainty of an Application Development Plan in advance or do you prefer an Iterative approach to allow you the flexibility to pivot as needed? ​
13. Development Estimates provide an end-to-end estimate to specify, build and sustain an application. Do you require the certainty of an estimate for a complete build and sustainment or do you prefer to pay-as-you-go? ​
14. ​ In an ideal situation​ and on a scale of months, when do you need to Go Live with your new application?
2 months
18+ months
15. 15. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being " Not Very" and 10 being "Keen & Committed" How committed are your team members to this project? ​
16. ​Has this project been authorized by your organization's leadership or is more information required?
17. ​How would you like us to follow up with you?
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