TC esc quality label - call for participants

This is the application form to participate in the Erasmus+ training (100% free of charge) which will be held in Faenza (Italy) 1-7 September 2020 (including travel days).

We need participants from:

- Hungary: 3 partitipants

- Turkey: 3 participants

- Spain: 3 participants

- Italy: 4 participants (no travel refund)

- Greece: 4 participants

- Romania: 3 participants

We want to carry out this project to help youth associations who want to work with ESC volunteering
to get their Quality label and move the first steps in this field. This action will increase the youth
mobility, fostering European values and awareness of the opportunities offered by the European
Union, where differences can become a value instead of an obstacle and different people can be
united by common values of tolerance and peace.


The goal of this project is to have more European organizations working with ESC
volunteering, proposing quality projects thanks to shared knowledge and new synergies and

More specifically, the objectives of the training activity are:
- to help the participants to understand how to get a quality label to host/support ESC volunteers for
their organizations;
- to build a net of reliable potential ESC partners;
- to share knowledge about practical arrangements and budget;
- to discuss potential problems that might occour during ESC projects and propose solutions;
- to share management/digital tools.

With this activity, we aim at providing youth workers with the skills and knowledge to apply for ESC
volunteering quality label for hosting/supporting volunteers and to move the first steps to write a
project. Also, it will be very important for this activity the chance to meet international colleagues,
start building a network of contacts in the field of ESC volunteering.
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