Week 6 online feedback survey
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Please specify which game you played, if you played multiple games, please fill in different forms. Thank you!
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Emotion Wheel
Your Emotion Arc
We would like to ask you to put how you feel during the game IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER and briefly tell us what makes you feel that :)

For example, at the beginning of the game, I feel thankful because all my friends give me their most precious weapon, and I feel aware after seeing monster's footprints, and I feel hopeful in the end because I know things will get better. In this case, please input:
1. Thankful: my friends give me most precious weapons
2. Aware: seeing footprints
3. Hopeful: knowing things are getting better

And please tell us at least 2 of them so that it gave us a sequence rather than one emotion. It's possible that you may have multiple emotions happen in the same time, then you can put all emotions in the same line.

If you feel the form is not enough, feel free to put more at more feedback :)

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Please pick one from emotion wheel, it's here to help you define your emotions :)
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Could you please tell us what or why makes you feel that?
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Emotion 3
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