Share Your Money Wins!
Flip the Fail is about flipping your fails into wins! Do you have a great story to share about how you have overcome debt? Do you have a special way that your organize your finances? Got a great trick for saving more money? Have you done something exciting to make more money? I would love to share it on my series, "Money Wins" . Stories from real people are always so motivating so I hope that your story can inspire others and give them ideas on how they can make changes to have their own money wins!

Don’t hesitate if your story is similar to one that has already been highlighted. Everyone’s story is different and I want to hear it from your perspective.

Please answer each question fully, providing at least a paragraph or two. I would also love to include a picture or two of yourself or even better a picture of you doing what you do to make extra money! Please email with any pictures you want included. Put "Pictures"in the subject line. Thank you.

I will let you know when your interview will be on site by email. I will share your story both on Twitter and my Facebook page.

Please do not use any affiliate links within your story. You will be able to link to your social media accounts and your blog(if you have one) at the end of this questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at

Thank you again for wanting to help inspire others.

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Share your Money Win.
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