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This is a semi-binding agreement to help out with leading easy run groups throughout the semester. We are going to pilot this program for the first month of the semester after which we will re-evaluate its effectiveness, and see whether we need to scale it up, scale it down, tweak it, or remove it entirely.

After we get a list of people who are willing to lead pace groups (and on which days they would be available), I will send out a schedule every week detailing who will be leading pace groups on certain days. You will be expected to attend practice on that day, lead a group at that pace, and, possibly most importantly, serve as a representative for the club who will help welcome newer members into the community. As a tangential goal, this will also allow the newer members to learn new running routes around College Park that they can run on their own when they can't make practice.

Thank you for considering helping us out to improve our community, and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions at
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