No Babes Database - Shootdays 2024
Hi there! So great that you want to participate in our shootdays to enhance your portfolio professionally so we can pitch you better to clients. Please fill in the questions below so we can contact you. Thanks, Morgane
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Which date are you available to come over for the photo/videoshoot? (Please select multiple) *
Are you interested in scheduling a 30-minute photo shoot which includes 5 finished images for €150 excl. tax? In that time, we will photograph you in 2 or 3 different outfits so we have enough variety to show to clients.

 You can choose your favorite images yourself, after the photoshoot. Ordering extra pictures is also a possiblity. The photo shoot will be held at our studio in Kortenberg.
Only an option when you book a photoshoot: Are you interested in recording an introduction video for an additional €50 excl. tax? An introduction video allows you to showcase your personality to clients, significantly enhancing your chances of securing a job. The video will be recorded directly after your photoshoot at our studio in Kortenberg with professional audio and video equipment. *
Do you have a preference for the morning or afternoon? *
Do you understand that priority will be given to those who filled out the form first? Therefor, it's possible that we may not have an available spot for you on the earliest date you indicated. If a spot opens up for you, we will contact you by email. *

If a slot becomes available for you, we will send you an email containing further details such as the address, time, what to bring, and additional information.
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