Community Survey - Asheville City Board of Education Superintendent Search

Thank you for taking this survey.

This survey may take five to seven minutes to complete.

If you have any questions about the survey, call (828) 350-6120.

Please complete the survey no later than Sunday, July 28th 2019.

Please understand that all survey results and comments are anonymous but not confidential. In other words, no one will know who submitted a particular comment, but the results will eventually be released to the public with redacted references to specific individuals.

Section 1) General Impressions
What do you think and feel about our schools? Please select one response to each question.

On this survey, N/A means Not Applicable and should be chosen if you think the question does not apply to your situation.
What I think about our school system is mostly *
Community support for our schools is *
The support my child(ren) get(s) in school is *
For other children, it seems or appears support is *
As a parent, knowing whom to ask for help is *
The physical condition of our schools is *
What I hear about our schools is mostly *
Section 2) Superintendent Skill Sets
Please choose "Most Important" only once, and select "Not Sure" as often as necessary.
How important is each of these skill sets to you? *
Most Important
Less Important
Least Important
Not Sure
Leadership: includes making necessary changes and providing training
Interpersonal Skills: includes being sensitive to the needs of others
Curriculum: includes what we teach and how we teach it
Support Services: includes helping students with their social, emotional, mental and physical health
Public Relations: includes building relationships and being an advocate
Introducing or embracing innovation: includes technology and equity
Management: includes managing people, money, programs and facilities
Section 3) Superintendent Characteristics
Choose each importance ranking only once, and select "Not Sure" as often as necessary.
How important is each of these characteristics to you? *
Most Important
Less Important
Least Important
Not Sure
Detail-oriented and purposeful
Easy-going, friendly and seeks balance
Creative, full of feelings and ideas
Practical and goal-oriented
Section 4) Superintendent Qualifications
Please select one response to each question, and select "Not Sure" as often as necessary.
How important is each of these qualifications to you? *
Most Important
Less Important
Least Important
Not Sure
Has cultural awareness training
Has implemented major change
Has a master's degree or doctorate
Has worked as a Superintendent
Has lived or worked in Asheville
Has worked as an Assistant Superintendent
Has served children and adults experiencing poverty
Has racial equity training
Has worked with students in a school setting as a teacher, counselor, behavioral specialist, other
Has worked in a North Carolina public school
Has public service experiences in social services, public health, the militaryBusine
Is committed to learning Asheville's history
Has leadership experience in the business sector
Section 5) In Your Own Words
What would you like our next superintendent to know, have accomplished or have as a skill set or trait?
Section 6) About You
Thank you for answering every question.
Which of these statements describe you? *
Yes, that's me.
No, that's not me.
I live in the Asheville City Schools district.
I attended Asheville City Schools.
I have school-aged children.
My child(ren) currently attend(s) Asheville City Schools.
Other family attend(ed) Asheville City Schools.
My child(ren) currently attend(s) schools other than Asheville City Schools.
I am currently a student in Asheville City Schools.
I work(ed) for Asheville City Schools.
Family work(ed) for Asheville City Schools.
I volunteer in our community.
I am an elected or appointed official, or I serve on a public board/commission.
I employ others in a business I own.
I am retired.
If you live in the Asheville City Schools district, how long have you been a resident?
Clear selection
I self-identify as a *
My age is *
My ethnicity is *
I thought this survey was
Clear selection
Thank you for completing the Asheville City Schools Superintendent Search Community Survey.
Community input survey information will be compiled, summarized and presented at the August 5th Asheville City Board of Education Work Session. The ACS Board will review and discuss the input. This will be open to the public. Following public input sessions in August, the full collected community input will be presented at the ACS Board Meeting on Monday, September 9, 2019 during the regularly scheduled board meeting. All input from surveys will be shared with the public on the ACS website and with candidates who apply to be our next Superintendent.
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