Blue River Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) Questionnaire
Your responses to these questions will help the Blue River IWMP Advisory Committee develop a Watershed Management Plan that will set goals and objectives for the watershed, including identifying projects, programs and innovative management techniques for possible future implementation. We want to hear your ideas on how water resources could be managed to protect existing uses and improve local watershed health.
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1. Name (Optional):
2. Email Address:
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3. May we contact you for an interview regarding your responses to this questionnaire?
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4. What categories below apply to you? (Please mark all that apply.)
5. If you are a landowner, please tell us about your property. (What is the main use of your land, how much land do you have, where is your property located, etc.)
6. If you own water rights, please tell us about those water rights and what categories they fall into.
7. Please let us know which sub-basin or drainage you are most concerned about:
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8. What type of water use categories would you, your property, or your business be associated with? (Select all that apply)
9. What information would you like to have about your watershed?
10. Do you have any planning or legal concerns about your watershed?
11. Do you have any concerns related to the following topics: (yes/no/uncertain)
Low Flows
Riparian Degradation (erosion, bank stability, etc)
Irrigation Shortages
Recreation Access
Fish Habitat
Downstream Calls
Late Season Flows
Big River Issues (i.e. Colorado River)
If you answered 'yes', you are concerned about any of the issues above, please elaborate.
13. What other concerns do you have? Some examples are water infrastructure needs, water quality, stream temperature, invasive species, roadway impacts, etc.
14. Do you have recommendations for projects or actions that could help improve water use for your property or business (e.g. riparian restoration, efficiency project, etc.)?
15. Do you have recommended projects or programs that will help improve water use for the watershed?
16. Do you have recommended projects or programs that could improve water quality?
17. What could be done, if anything, to improve recreational opportunities in the area (quality, use and/or safety)?
18. Have you experienced, or are you aware of, conflicts between water users?
19. What could be done to improve irrigation infrastructure in the watershed?
20. Are there additional issues or objectives you would like to see addressed as part of this watershed management plan?
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