How to Build the Future Application
There’s no better place to explore building a startup than during your time as a student at UC Berkeley. Surrounded by ambitious and talented people and industry-leading professors, there’s endless potential to create the next big thing. This course is designed to teach and inspire students to use their knowledge to build startups. We will be going over the basic building blocks of a successful startup and connect this knowledge to emerging fields. In addition, we will be providing an overview of the startup scene at Berkeley, pointing out resources ready to help students get a head start.

Course Structure:
The course meets once a week. The class will feature entrepreneurs to share their experiences and knowledge in a particular area of building a startup. It will also feature guest professors and introduce you to resources on campus to help you build your venture. [1 unit]

The class is held Thursdays, 6:30-8:00 pm at 105 North Gate, starting on 02/08.

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