Abstract Submission for ZAMM 2020
Are you ready get zombified? Join us for a totally re-envisioned academic meeting, featuring zombies, the apocalypse and monsters of all kinds. The second Zombie Apocalypse Medicine Meeting (October 15-18, 2020) is not your typical conference; we will be streaming high-production value shows on the newly created Channel Zed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iFEaXMGGDg&feature=emb_logo), which will be interspersed with academic talks and other zombie apocalypse related content.

We would love to include your zombie and/or apocalypse related research in ZAMM2020/Channel Zed. You can use this form to submit an abstract (300 words or fewer) to give a regular talk (10 minutes long) or a bite-size talk (90 seconds). If your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to submit a video of your talk. These videos will then appear in sessions that will be streamed during the meeting, or in some cases, within the Channel Zed shows as short segments.

You can submit your talk as an individual talk or as part of an organized session with other presenters. Organized sessions can have from 3-5 presentations within them.

Submissions on all topics related to the apocalypse, zombies and/or other monsters will be considered. This year's theme is Sex & Tech, so we encourage submission on these topics, but welcome all submissions.

The deadline for abstract submission is August 15th. You will be notified by August 21st if your abstract is accepted.

You can learn more at our ZAMM (www.zombiemed.org) and Channel Zed (www.channelzed.org) websites. For questions, email cbaciu@asu.edu or tweet @ZAMApocalypse.
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