Before filling out this form, please make sure you've read the information on my site here: I will know if you have or not so please don't try to skip it or you will automatically be put on my Shit List™!

Currently, hosting is INVITE ONLY! If you have not received an individual or general offer from me to be hosted, please do not fill out this form. If you haven't but still want to be hosted, please contact me separately first through one of the methods below to ask!

Please understand though that at the moment, I only want to host those I'm familiar with due to this being a very informal hosting service and since this domain was not originally bought with the intention of hosting others (I only started hosting close friends and then some players from my own TCGs who were in need of hosting at the time due to their previous host being shut down, etc.), so I'm not exactly sure how much load I can take.

discord: moonpillows#8845
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Just your first name, nickname, or name you go by online is fine!
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This will be the primary contact method whenever I need to reach out to you (including letting you know if you've been accepted as a hostee or not). Please make sure it is correctly typed in as I will be copy/pasting it directly and it is an account you check often so you don't miss any messages from me!
Desired URL *
Please write the full address: and replace "you" with the URL you want (ie. "")
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Select all add-ons you'd like to be included with your hosting. Selecting none means you will be doing everything yourself, or you will need to ask me on your own at a later date.
Alternative Contact Methods
Optional but encouraged - List each contact method on a new line + include both the contact method name/type and username/account/etc. If there's another contact method you'd prefer to be used aside from your e-mail, please make note of that as well!
Anything Else?
If you have any other questions, comments, concerns, etc. related to hosting, leave it here!
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