HG & GFL Jailbreak Moderator Application
Read everything before applying!


Be at least 13 years old.
Know the rules like the back of your hand, and be willing to enforce them.
Have no recent, active, or extremely incriminating T-Lists or Bans.
Have no abuse reports or recent problems in either community.
Have no recent VAC bans.
Be either Member+ in GFL or Recruit+ in HG.
After applying:

If you meet our requirements you will be contacted by a member of the staff team to schedule an interview where you will be asked questions to determine your knowledge of the rules, and how you would handle certain situations.

DO NOT ASK US ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APPLICATION. We will promote people when we decide to promote people, pestering us only makes your odds worse.

NOTE: We reserve the right to give, or not to give this to anyone we please. We also reserve the right to take away anyone's moderator at any time with or without warning. If you abuse, you will likely find your mod stripped.
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If you don't input a proper SteamID 64 your application will automatically be rejected. You can use a service like this: https://steamid.io/lookup/ to find your steamid.
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Why did you apply, and what puts you apart from the other applicants? *
Do you have any past experiences moderating (admin)? If so, explain. *
Did any HG leadership recommend you?
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