2017-18 Gluck Fellow Site Evaluation - Classroom Fellows (ASK, Individual and Ensemble Fellows)
Thank you for your participation in the Gluck Program. As part of our on-going evaluation of the program, we ask that you submit an evaluation form to the Gluck Office no later than TWO WEEKS after the completion of your project. The Gluck Program must receive all Site Evaluation forms and any materials checked out from the Gluck Office before we can process the disbursement of your fellowship.
Site Evaluation
Please help us train the Gluck Sites better! Help us inform the next Fellows about this site.
All Individual and Ensemble Classroom Fellows must fill in one Site Evaluation for each site they visit.
Please fill in a separate section of this evaluation for each Site.
There is room for 4 sites on this form. If you visited fewer than 4 sites, please leave the remaining sections blank and click through each page to get to the final page to SUBMIT.
If you visited more than 4 sites, please submit an additional copy of this form so that there is one evaluation per site visited.
Fellow / Ensemble Name
Please give YOUR NAME and the name of the ensemble, if relevant (Contemporary Dance Ensemble, Improvology Troupe, etc.)
Your answer
Fellowship Department
Your answer
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