Rosny College Preliminary Enrolment Evening - Thursday 17th September
The evening will provide an opportunity to discuss your child’s future learning pathway with Rosny College staff, as well as finding out other valuable information about the college.

Staff will be organised into learning areas where you will be able to gain subject specific information before having the chance to receive 1:1 counselling from our expert counselling team. The last stage of the session will give you the opportunity to complete Enrolment Forms and other necessary paperwork necessary for enrolling at Rosny College in 2021. This final part of the evening will be held in the Cafe, where coffee and cake will also be available for you to enjoy.


- All participants will need to register for ONE session in this form
- Each session will run for half an hour
- Session numbers will be capped at 50 people (25 students and ONE parent only)
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