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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Mid Willamette Trans Support Network!

We are always in need of help to make sure our programming is able to run and that everyday tasks are able to be kept up with so that we can support the community at large. The results will go to the main Mid Willamette Trans Support email. If you don't hear back about an interview email midwillamettetsn@gmail.com or message the main Mid Willamette TSN Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MidWillametteTransSupport

If you haven't yet join our group Facebook page to be connected with folks at https://www.facebook.com/groups/midwillamettetsn 

Our website: https://midwillamettetsn.wixsite.com/oursite

The process for becoming a volunteer includes filling out this form, a volunteer interview and completing paperwork, and training with a specific staff member.

Positions below are separated by time commitment. At this time some programs are not running because of COVID-19 guidelines. We will elaborate more in the volunteer interview.

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Please read our Common Ground Guidelines before filling out this application. Do you agree to the guidelines? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z4sS74vERoiAda5ngQA-tVKdVLxpdwNlz3c-IU-KPyM/edit?usp=sharing                          *
Your Name? (Does not have to be your legal name) *
When's your birthday?
What are your pronouns? (Examples: They/them, She/her, He/him, Ze/Zirs, It/Its) *
Why do you want to volunteer with us? *
What do you hope to gain as a volunteer with us? *
Do you have any volunteer experience? In what areas and with what organizations? *
What's your availability to help? (Days and times) *
How many hours per week or month are you interested in volunteering? *
Any needs related to accessibility (i.e not being able to sit on the ground, limited mobility, etc) *
Are you interested in joining our board of directors? There are certain positions or you could be just a member. Board members handle the financial affairs, hiring of the Executive Director, and more. 
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Staff Volunteer Positions - Bigger Commitment Volunteer Opportunities
Staff positions currently are not paid as we work to build up the funding for this organization. We are working towards these being paid positions in the future. We are only looking for one person for each positions. Part of the commitment is also regular staff meetings and possible task force meetings. Below are the tasks and jobs of each positions. Once you've read through them please check on the list below the ones that you are interested in doing.
Program Coordinator
Runs meetings with program staff, including financial and communication needs and working with our finance and communications staff. In charge of the program staff and providing them the support they need for successful programming.
Trans Femme Support Group Facilitator
Facilitating the support group, scheduling and train other backup facilitators. Trained to run other support groups as needed. Communicate needs to Program Coordinator.
Program Staff
Helps with programming execution and scheduling of volunteers with the Volunteer Coordinator for events. Help with tabling events. Be involved in other task forces or committees as needed.
Volunteer Coordinator assistant
Help run our volunteer program, interview potential volunteers, help them fill out our paperwork, work with possible interns from OSU. Get them assigned with someone who does whatever the volunteer wants to work on doing. 
Trans Youth Facilitator 
Help run and start our Trans Youth Group for youth ages 14-18. Work to find a regular space for events. 
Financial Director
Someone who can help us with nonprofit taxes every year and help us keep a budget, make decisions, create budgets for our board and budgets for grants. 
Social Media and Communications Coordinator Assistant
Someone who can help us update our Instagram, Facebook , and Email accounts. Be aware of what's in our email and send those emails to relevant positions. Help with graphics, fliers, etc. 
Staff Position You're Interested In
Non-Staff Volunteer Opportunities - Less time commitment
The commitment for these positions is less than staff. Volunteer meetings and training are still required. These positions include helping us with established projects or programs.
Please Check any projects that interest you:
Are there projects or activities not listed that you would like to do? (Start a new support group, a new event or project idea?)
How did you hear about the Mid Willamette Trans Support Network?
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