Ahmedabad Bicycling Championships Registration Form | Ahmedabad Bicycling Club | 2020
ABCh Challenge II - December 2020 Challenge Starts - Tuesday, 1st December 2020

1. December Challenge – 1st to 31st December

2. ABC Members can register for the challenge Free of cost

Non ABC Members can register for the challenge by paying a fees of Rs 400/-

3. Minimum 3 days of riding per week.

- Minimum Kms to qualify is 35 km ride on two separate days. Minimum 50 km ride on at least one day. Multiple rides will not be considered for the minimum km qualifying rides.

- Running km can be converted into cycling km with a multiplication factor of 3.5 up to a maximum of 20% of riding km of the week.

For example, for a 100 km riding in a week, maximum 20 km of running can be added. To gain 20 km, a participant can run 5.75 km which would get calculated into 20 km [3.5 x 5.75 = 20.125]

4. 20% bonus for a Century Ride on any day of the week

5. 25% bonus km for riding more than 250 km in a week

6. 30% bonus km for doing a Century Ride & more than 250 km in a given week

For the points 4, 5 & 6 - only one of the above will apply at any given point of time.

Apart from this there will be Weekly Challenges:

1. Week 1 : Elevation Challenge : Top 6 riders with Highest Total Elevation for the week will get Bonus

2. Week 2 : Speed Challenge : Top 6 riders with Highest Average Speed after a weeks riding will get Bonus

3. Week 3 : Half Century Challenge : Top 6 riders who complete maximum 50km rides in a week will get Bonus

4. Week 4 : Event directors Special : This Challenge will be announced at the start of the week. Top 6 riders who complete it will get the Bonus

Bonus Structure for the Weekly Challenge:

1st - 150 km ; 2nd - 140 km; 3rd - 130 km; 4th - 120 km; 5th - 110 km; 6th - 100 km

This is a Challenge within the challenge

7. ABC Strava group –all participants must join this as part of participating in this challenge. The details will be shared before the start of the challenge

8. Indoor cycling – disallowed

9. Winner: Max distance – at end of the month by the rider who has complied with point 3 above for all the weeks. Km for the week where the conditions of point 3 are not met with, will be considered Zero

10. Participant registration - No walk in entries are allowed. Registrations close 5pm, 5th December 2020.

- Entry free for ABC members.

- Prizes: 1st Position - Rs. 3000; 2nd Position - Rs. 2000; 3rd Position - Rs 1000

Note: Race Categories may be merged if there is a less participation in any of the gender categories.

For less than 5 participants in any gender category, only the 1st Position will be awarded. For less than 3 participants in any gender category, the categories will be merged into a single group.

11. All Cyclists who have registered for any ABCh Race must read the complete Rules & Regulations and note that the Race Director shall strictly enforce the Rules for each Race. Registration and participation in ABCh means deemed to have accepted the rules and regulation pertaining to the race.

12. Event Director: Ashley Moras

- In case of suspicious logs, the director will have the right to enquire or cancel that log at his discretion.

- In case of cancellation of a log, an explanation may (at director's discretion) be given to the rider - however challenging it will not be entertained.
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