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If you want to make us ( the Loslassen association, Janina or an other Facilitator) a gift 🎁 give  feedback or a testimonial - both equally welcome -

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Personal emails for Janina Viviannne please to info@janinavivianne.com

Feel free to recommend the workshops www.loslassen.org/workshop , my the portfolio is available on my website www.janinavivianne.com/workshops if you want see 

Join our Telegram channel to stay up to date on events: https://t.me/loslassenverein 
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Janina is in the Process of setting up an accountability Pod but if you want to report something where she or the space I held harmed you please don't hesitate to reach out to the Festival of Sensations asking for the Conflict Support Team a well trained team that can support you. #accountability or fill out the Consent Report Form https://forms.gle/YRRYQ7ysV6kV2aS1A 
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