ANAC 2019 Submission
For participants in the Human-Agent League (IAGO)
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IAGO Uploader
Welcome to the IAGO Uploader Utility.

Please fill out the following form to upload your submission to the ANAC 2019 Competition.

You will need:
your email
the primary contact for the submission (first author)
the fully-qualified name for the agent (e.g. "")
a .zip file containing all relevant .java files (please do not include modified versions of,, or any build scripts, as they will be discarded)

We suggest that to test your agent for compilation or runtime bugs using the IAGO development environment or source files before submission!

You are heavily encouraged to provide information regarding the design of your agent by uploading a supplemental document (max 750 words). If your agent is found to be a finalist, a camera-ready version of this document will be required (you will be contacted individually later). Finalists may also have additional supporting documents required.

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E.g., University of Southern California
Additional Researchers & Affiliations
Fully Qualified Agent Name *
(e.g. "") Note: your qualified name most likely does not start with "edu.usc.ict" (unless you are affiliated with ICT!). It should probably start with your university's abbreviation.
Zip File of Source Files *
Note: your zip file should preserve the file structure as specified in your qualified name! For example, if your qualified name is "", then your file structure should be formed as: edu/upenn/dave/agents/ You do not need to include IAGO_Core.jar.
Agent Description
.pdf file, max 750 words (optional)
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