Nanighar MomChef Questionnaire
You are special. And so is your dish. At Nanighar, we are a fan of your cooking, and we are
constantly looking at ways to make your brand more popular and help you make more
money. Your dish will always remain special, with your name on it!

This short questionnaire is for us to understand your cooking style and your ambitions better so that we can make you famous, just the way you want
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How many dishes do you want to put on your menu? *
Can you ensure the same taste every time? *
Can you ensure the availability of ingredients for your dish/dishes for any order any time? *
You may love cooking but do you want to have a few days off from fulfilling orders? *
Do you have helpers in the kitchen? *
How many orders can you handle everyday? *
What is the amount of time you will take to get something ready and packed? *
What are your biggest challenges? (Select multiple options) *
Which income model works for you? *
In the Professional, Career Woman and Masterchef models mentioned here, your dish/dishes, e.g., Jayanti’s Lamb Biryani, will also feature in the menu of the Nani Khazana cloud kitchens. You will continue to have your name on it!
Would you teach cloud kitchen chefs how to make your dish/dishes? (Refer to the Professional model in the previous question. The dishes will continue to have your name + you can earn for every order from the cloud kitchen.) *
What all do you need to be a Masterchef? *
(Hint: You can mention things like helpers, regular supply of produce at a discount etc.)
How much money do you want to make per month with your cooking skills? *
Would you be willing to travel and train chefs in other cities? (This will mean customers in other cities get to order dishes with your name) *
Your name, please *
Can we have your phone number, please? *
We won't share it with others, promise!
Choose your city? *
Last question! What's your Nanighar kitchen name? *
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