Q-Quest Registration 2020
Hello and thank you for registering for Q-Quest 2020! Q-Quest is an event for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, Two Spirit, and Allied youth. There will be workshops, entertainment, conversation, and art with several hundred other LGBTQIA2+ youth from across the Metro and Greater MN area.

Our intention is that adult chaperones or parent/ guardians will fill out this form on behalf of the students they are registering for the event. Please note that if your students register themselves, the GSA advisor still needs to register themself if they intend to attend the event.

If you are a middle school or high school student, please check in with your chaperone or parent/guardian, so that you are able to provide all required information (including an emergency contact)

Because we have to do a lot of preparation, we ask that you submit this registration form as soon as possible. You may resubmit this form later on if you receive additional students interested in attending.

Q-Quest 2020 will span three days so that we can offer a variety of workshops and programs to as many middle school and high school students as possible!

November 17th: 6-7:30pm Kickoff Event

November 18th: 4:00pm-8pm
4:15 - workshops
5:30 - workshops
7-8pm - entertainment, keynote

November 19th: 4:00pm-8pm
4:15 - workshops
5:30 - workshops
7-8pm - entertainment, keynote

If you have any questions regarding registration or this form, please contact Claire Cummins at ccummins@ppncs.org
Expectations of attendees at Q-Quest 2020
The following are expectations we are asking of attendees of the 2020 Q-Quest event. By registering for the event, you are agreeing to the following:
1. all students and chaperones be respectful and courteous in behavior and language to all youth and staff attending the Q-Quest event! Have appreciation for diversity!
2. Register as soon as possible, and no less than 24 hours in advance for Q-Quest. You and your student(s) will receive a confirmation that includes the event link, additional event information, and event instructions.
3. Follow the instructions and guidance communicated in advance by the event team.
4. The virtual conference space is accessible to registered participants only. Do not share any links and/or passwords for accessing the virtual Q-Quest event.
5. Profile pictures must be school appropriate and respectful. No images of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or sexually explicit objects. No symbols of hate speech. No nudity.
Students must log-in through their school email address that they registered with. If a participant does not have a school email address, contact Claire Cummins at ccummins@ppncs.org.
7. Students may turn on their mic and/ or camera when invited to by the workshop facilitators or MNSOC volunteers. No one is required to turn these on.
8. Screenshots, chat logs, recordings, or any other material with student participant information, images, or content from the event may not be shared without the explicit permission of the Q-Quest planning team.
9. All student participants must be a middle school or high school student within the ages of 11 and 20 years old.
10. Chaperones and/ or parent guardians should be available to support their student(s), but should respect that this is a student conference. Consider establishing a check-in time each evening or having a Google Meet or Classroom open and available to your students should they want to reach out. Plan time to hear about the event after it’s over.
11. Chaperones or parent/ guardians are discouraged from participating in workshops. Please respect the requests of workshop facilitators and/ or students in those spaces. Chaperones or parent/ guardians may watch the Main Stage events. Parents/ guardians are encouraged to check-in with their student(s) and seek their “ok.”
12. To ensure the event is safe and respectful, if any student, chaperone, or parent/ guardian does not follow these guidelines, they may be removed from the event. You will not be able to rejoin that event that day. You will be contacted by a MNSOC team member to discuss participating in future days of Q-Quest and future MNSOC events.
What is the chaperone/parent/guardian's name of the student(s) being registered?:i am a student. (this is salma yakob) *
What is the phone number we can use to reach a chaperone/parent/guardian before and during Q-Quest? As the chaperone/parent/ guardian, MNSOC must be able to reach you in case of an emergency or other need involving your student.
What school are you registering your student(s)/yourself from?:seward montessori school *
What best describes your role?:student registering myself *
What best describes the student(s) that you are registering?:im a middle school student *
What best describes the school that you are registering your group from?:minneapolis public schools *
Q-Quest will be hosted on Google Sites this year. In order for us to keep this event (site) safe for our young people, we are restricting access to the event (site) to only those whose email addresses are submitted in the section below. For this reason, we will be collecting the email addresses from all of the people in your group that plan on attending Q-Quest (both students AND GSA ADVISORS/CHAPERONES). If we do not receive their email address, or receive an incorrect email address, they will not be able to enter the site. Please double check that you are submitting all the necessary email addresses. If you need to add additional email addresses at a later date, you may contact ccummins@ppncs.org, or re-submit this form.
Please list the email addresses of all ADULT CHAPERONES attending from your group. This email needs to be a google-compatible address. (If you are a student registering yourself, please write "student" here. We also ask that you check in with your chaperone/GSA advisor if applicable). im a student *
Please list the SCHOOL email addresses of all STUDENTS attending from your group. If you are a student, simply put your email address here. This needs to be a google-compatible. Students emails are all likely google compatible. Syak2601@mpsedu.org *
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