Amour - A platform for Queer (LGBTIQA+) people to find long term partner(s)
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Amour is a platform for queer (LGBTIQA+) people to find long term partner(s). This is NOT for hookups (for the simple reason that there already exist many successful platforms for the same).To know more about Amour visit this blog:

In order to access Amour database, please fill the questionnaire below. Please be honest and please be sensitive in your language (in descriptive questions); do not put across your preferences in a way that might hurt someone else. Any profile containing offensive content (such as offensive against bi-sexuals, or effeminate gay men or trans people or certain body types or skin color, etc.) will be deleted. Please note that this content can be edited or deleted anytime in future using your gmail id. In case of any dispute, admin's decision will be final.


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Amour Unique Profile ID
Please specify your Amour Profile ID, given to you by admins. If you do not have a profile ID, write to the admins (either by messaging to Amour facebook page or via an email to before filling this form. This ID will be used in most of the future communications.
Gender/Gender Identitiy
Please specify the gender that you identify the most with. If your choice is not listed below, please use "Other" and type the word that describes your gender the most.
Gender Expression
Optional. Answer it only if you think this needs to be known before-hand to your prospective partner(s). Mark on a scale of 1-5 to what extent do you think your gender expression (such as dressing, mannerisms, way of talking etc.) is different from the traditional expectations of the society for your gender. Mark 1 for "stick to the norms(or straight acting as some call it)" and rest for different levels of gender expression.
Very Different
Person(s) of interest
Please choose the person(s) based on Gender that you would be interested to date. In case if your choices are not listed below, please use Other to describe your choice. Please note "Cis" is a short form for Cis-gendered person, meaning, any person who doesn't have a conflict between their sense of gender and their biological sex, unlike trans-gendered persons.
Birth year
Please specify your birth year (for eg.1994) or you may simply type "I declare, I am above 18 yrs old".
Please specify the kind of work you do for living or type "Prefer not to declare".
Please specify your current city/town. Or say "Prefer not to declare". Please use latest and standard spellings for cities for consistency. Eg. Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Pune, Kochi, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram, Guwahati etc.
Locations of interest
Please specify the location city(s)/town(s) of prospective partner(s) that you would be interested. Responses like "Any" or "Any in south" or "Any in Maharashtra" are also valid. You can also say "Prefer not to declare"
Preferred language(s)
Please list down in alphabetical order your most preferred languages for communication with your partner(s). or say "Language doesn't matter".
Scope of Relationship
Please specify the nature/scope of Bond/union/relationship that you are looking for. If your choice is not listed below, please use "Other" and explain.
Type of Relationship
Please specify the type of union/bond/relationship/partnership that you would be most interested in. If your choice is not listed below, please use "Other" and explain.
Who can date me?
Please describe the kind of people that you would be interested in approaching or being approached by. You may describe those sustainable personality traits that you typically fall for (than merely mentioning they should love me, they should care for me etc.), Please use civil, positive and non-offensive language such as "I would like to date a down to earth person" rather than saying "all you attitude guys stay away".
What would attract them to date me?
Please describe the qualities in you that you think would attract prospective partners. You may describe those specific sustainable personality traits in you that would help in your relationship in long run ( than merely mentioning 'I am loving, caring etc'). Please use civil and non-offensive language.
What should they know before dating me?
Please describe anything about you that you think others must be aware of before approaching you to date. It could be - limitations of your personality, the forms of love making that you prefer(Active, Passive, Kink etc.), your non-negotiable aspects/beliefs/morals (such as need for sexual/emotional fidelity), your political inclinations, or your idea of a perfect date/relationship/retirement. ALSO USE THIS SPACE IF YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DISABILITY OR SPECIAL NEEDS OR YOUR HIV STATUS OR YOUR BIOLOGICAL SEX(MALE/FEMALE/INTERSEX, OPERATED/UN-OPERATED). Please use civil, positive and non-offensive language.
Enlist NOT your occasional interests but rather those one or two passions of yours, that become the face of your personality for others. Say "NONE" if you don't prefer to tell. Some examples are Activism, Human Rights, Spirituality, Religion, HelpingTheNeedy, Reading, Movies, Music, Railways, Selfies, Art, Cooking, Singing, Dancing, Politics, Animal Rights, Environment, Gossiping, Flirting, Sports, Adventure,Travel, Yoga, Facebook, Grindr, Looking@Mirror, Arguments, Philosophy, Languages etc. If you aren't sure, you can ask your close friends.
Any profile link?
You can optionally choose to give a link to your facebook profile, blog, your photo album, or your PR/PinkSofa/Instagram/Okcupid/Other profile ID etc. Also you can write anything else that may help you connect to prospective partner(s). You can use this space to explain if you chose "Other" for any of the previous questions.Please note you can edit/delete this profile any time in future using your gmail id.
Gmail (Google mail) ID
This will NOT be displayed publicly. This is used by Admins to give you access to Amour google database sheet and to communicate with you when someone shows interest in you. Also, an auto email will be sent to this ID with a link to your editable profile and other instructions for database access. However Its still optional. If you do not wish to give your email id, you can simply fill in '''.
Consent to pass my info to
I agree with Amour guidelines (present at and give consent to admins of Amour to pass my Facebook/Email ID to
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