Vision and Mission Development
The Superintendent, along with the Board of Education, will be creating a Strategic Plan for the school district. The first step in this process is to re-evaluate our Vision and Mission statements. We are asking all school community stakeholders to provide us with input, as we develop a Vision and Mission statement that exemplifies our values and beliefs for the students of South Amboy Public Schools.

A vision statement is a creative image of the ideal school for our community. Vision statements can be a series of words or short phrases that convey our community's hopes for the future. A compelling vision statement can:

• Draw people to common work
• Give hope for a better future
• Inspire community members to realize their dreams through positive, effective action

We do not currently have an official vision statement, however, the following statement has been used on our district website over the last year: "Governor's - Today's Learners, Tomorrow's Leaders"

A mission statement is similar to vision statements, in that it looks at the big picture and inspires people to dream; However, it is more specific and more "action-oriented" than a vision statement.

A mission statement inspires action and describes what the organization is going to do and why it's going to do it. A clear and effective mission statement can:

• Convert the broad dreams of the vision into more specific, action-oriented terms
• Explain the district goals in a clear and concise manner

Current Mission Statement: The mission of the South Amboy School District, a diverse community of supportive and committed educators, parents, and citizens, is to empower each child to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially. To that end, the school district will ensure that each child will become a responsible, self-directed, and ethical citizen. It will accomplish this by providing a varied and challenging educational program within an environment which fosters excellence, initiative, and mutual respect.

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What would your Mission Statement be for South Amboy Public Schools?
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