DPAC Reopening Survey
Hello Families!

The reopening of our school in a safe manner is our main agenda. Scholar and staff safety is paramount, and we want to ensure we are also providing the best educational experience for your scholar.

Please take a few moments to fill in the following information to help us plan effectively.
Family Information
First, please answer the following questions about your family.
Parent/Guardian Name *
Below please list all of your scholars enrolled and the grade level they are enrolled in. (Ex: James Smith, 6th grade, Ginni Smith, 3rd grade) *
What do you foresee will be your household's work arrangement in the fall? *
Given work situations in your household, would you need childcare? Though we are not able to provide childcare, we can provide information of resources that can. *
Instruction Preparation
Due to the data we have currently, we have decided to go 100% virtual for the first 45 days of the school year. This virtual learning environment will be different than our previous one. We expect scholars to engage in real time instruction with their teachers during the day. Scholars will a daily schedule and we will require them to adhere to that schedule. We will be constantly monitoring data in our County and revisiting how we are approaching the reopening of our school.

Please answer the following questions so we can plan for a successful virtual learning environment.
Do each of your scholar(s) have a laptop or Chromebook to access virtual learning? *
Do each of your scholar(s) have head phones to use during virtual learning? *
Does your household have a reliable Internet connection? *
What additional materials would help your family be successful with online learning?
Family Needs & Communication
What's the best way to receive information and communication from the school? *
Do you have a working email account? *
(If yes) If you have an email address, what is it?
(If no) Are you interested in support from our staff in setting up an email account and learning how to use it?
Clear selection
(Optional) If there are any other changes to contact information (cell phone numbers) or your address, please include them here.
Is there anything else you would like us to know? What questions do you have about virtual/online instruction?
INCOMING 9th GRADE PARENTS ONLY!! We are offering Spanish 1 and Korean 1 this year for freshman scholars. If you have an incoming freshman, please list their first and last name and their language preference below. (Note: We will try to accommodate all scholars with their preference, however scheduling may require some scholars to be switched.)
Preferences for Meal Delivery
One element of an optimal learning experience is the continued availability of healthy, nutritious meals for scholars as they continue their journey through the 2020-21 school year. School meals are provided to DPAC scholars at no cost.

Please answer the following questions based on what is best for your scholar and your family. Your responses will help design our meal delivery program.
Are you interesting in receiving meals for your DPAC scholar(s)? *
If meals are available for pick up on campus, what would be the most convenient time for you? *
If meals are available for pick up on campus, which of the following methods would be most convenient for you? *
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