The Royal Standard Studio Application
Thank you for taking an interest in having a studio with The Royal Standard. To help us assess whether you would be a good fit, and to find you the best space to match your needs, please fill in the application below.

While this isn't an incredibly formal application, we do encourage you to provide as much detail as possible so we are able to get to know you and your work. We aim to foster a thriving community of contemporary, early career artists so it's important that you use this application to show us how you would fit into this community.

Unfortunately we can't always guarantee we will be able to offer you a space straight away due to having a limited number of studios available. After filling in this form, your answers will be assessed by our artist leads, and if we think you would be a good fit, your details will be saved on our database. When we have a studio available which fits your needs we will be in touch.

Please be aware our waiting list for shared studios is currently very long so it may be a while until these spaces are available.
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The Royal Standard is a charity run by volunteers, and we pride ourselves on our sense of community. While no prior experience is necessary, we are looking for people who are willing to help out and be an active part of the community. (100 - 200 words)
How much are you able to pay for a studio space a month?
We want to be able to offer people opportunities and ways of being a part of the The Royal Standard community, by knowing how much you can spend we can best offer you something which is close to your price range
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It's really crucial for us to be able to see your work, if you're unable to provide links, please email some images of your work to
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