Request for a PRAS Student Volunteer for the 2019/20 Academic Year
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"PRAS"- the student volunteering scholarship programme. Telfed's flagship project!
The PRAS programme requires that students volunteer with their clients for 3 hours per week during the academic year (November-June).

We remind all clients that the PRAS student is a volunteer engaged in assisting with matters relating to aliyah/klitah. They are not a tutor, a babysitter, or a replacement for any other professional. In most cases this takes the form of being a big sister/big brother for children, or a companion for elderly or special needs individuals. If you require a tutor for schoolwork or a babysitter for young children please hire these services separately from the PRAS programme.

Depending on both student's and the client's schedule, the sessions can take place once a week for three hours or twice a week for an hour and a half.

Please Note: The 2019/20 Academic year will only begin towards end of October 2019. The process of matching students and clients will take place in the office during October/November, and volunteering will begin later in November.

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