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Have you ever been in treatment for an alcohol or drug problem?
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Have you ever been convicted of a sex offense or required to register as a sex offender?  If yes, unfortunately Community 43 is unable to accommodate prospective  members who have been convicted of a sex offense or must register as a sex offender at this time. *
Have you signed a release of information for communication between your agency/provider and Community 43 (A signed release of information is needed to proceed)
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Community 43 is an agency that offers voluntary support and other services.Do you voluntarily want the support and other services offered at Community 43?
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Legal History: Please answer all questions (Please note: A "yes" response doesn't automatically mean your application will not be reviewed)
If any of the above questions were answered "yes," please indicate dates, behaviors, precipitants, legal action, etc.
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Employment history
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Medical and Psychiatric History (check all that apply)
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Total # of psychiatric inpatient hospitalizations?
Please list your first hospitalization, including name of hospital and approx. date
Please list your most recent hospitalization, including name of hospital and approx. date
The following are two surveys and a questionnaire. They are required by one of our funding sources. Please note that your answers to these questions do not affect your acceptance to Community 43.
Please answer the following questions
Not at all/Hardly ever
Somewhat/Some of the time
I get important needs of mine met by my current community
It is important for me to feel a part of a community
How often do you feel that you lack companionship?
How often do you feel left out?
How often do you feel isolated from others?
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Taking everything into consideration, during the past week, how satisfied have you been with your...
Very poor
Very Good
Physical health
Household activties
Social relationships
Family relationships
Leisure time activities
Ability to function in daily life
Economic status
Living/housing situation
Ability to get around physically without feeling dizzy or unsteady or falling
Your vision in terms of ability to do work or hobbies
Overall sense of well-being
How would you rate your overall life satisfaction and contentment during the past week?
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It is important that all components of this application are completed to the best of your ability. Any missing or incomplete components may delay the application process. In addition, it is helpful to include all documents at the same time by emailing or faxing them to us . (Basic documents listed below)
1) A current Part D (treatment plan or ISP) and current Part E (yearly assessment)
2) A detailed psychiatric assessment, current or updated within last 90 days, signed off by an MD
and/or Nurse Practitioner
3) Copies of all Health Insurance cards
Please allow the Membership Team approximately two weeks to review applications. Please contact the Membership Office at (602)274-7373 if you have any questions. Thank you for applying to Community 43. Referrals may be e-mailed to
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