Support Wesleyan's Janitorial Staff

Petition and Wespeak in Solidarity with Wesleyan's Janitorial Staff

-Janitorial Staff have been forced to absorb massive and unrealistic workloads.
-Many have health problems and repetitive stress injuries from their work
-Many workers have been laid-off in recent months forcing the remaining workers to absorb their work.
-Wesleyan can protect the workers by stopping the layoffs and requiring the sub-contractors to fairly distribute work.
-Wesleyan workers should maintain the right to representation through a union.
-The financial burden to Wesleyan of stopping layoffs is minuscule.
-Wesleyan is accepting bids on February 15th from companies vieing for the contract to clean Wesleyan. RIGHT NOW, Wesleyan can require the sub-contractors to respect the workers.
-Please sign this Wespeak and petition to stand in solidarity with Wesleyan's workers

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