Awakening Maitri: A Self-Compassion Weekend Getaway at Breezy Point Resort
Friday - Sunday, April 10-12, 2020
Breezy Point Resort, Breezy Point MN

Transform your painful relationship with yourself into love, peace, and the confidence with the powers of Self-Compassion
A weekend get-a-way at the cabins of Breezy Point

* Discover and practice several strategies for developing the best relationship with yourself you could ever imagine
* Connect with your heart and soul during Mindful movement practices
* Meditate within a group to build the energy of Maitri and Self-Compassion
* Gain clarity on what exactly has kept you in patterns of painful shame, fear and limiting beliefs
* Release barriers and stuckness during a powerful fire circle ceremony
* Experience shifts towards love that heal old wounds, self-hatred and shame through several Self-Compassion practices
* Use creativity to not only deepen your relationship with your true self, but learn to love your whole self
* Learn and practice my powerful “F word” (Forgiveness) practices that set you free from patterns that have kept you stuck
* Find out how healing your relationship with yourself is part of your true purpose
….all while getting cozy in the cabins, far away from the daily grind.

If you’re tired of self-criticism and feeling insufficient, and you’re ready to heal old wounds and shift fears so you can finally feel whole, confident and in love with your life --- join us for 3 days of going inward with a nurturing community in the cozy cabins of Breezy Point Resort.

If you’re feeling stuck or tired of the same painful patterns playing out, it’s time to go deep. It’s time to turn inward and feel it to heal it.
There is only one relationship; the relationship with yourself. All of your other relationships, including with people, your work, and your choices, are simply a reflection of your relationship with you.

If you’re thinking about joining us, it’s because you are also feeling that tug from deep within that’s telling you it’s time to evolve and live life totally in love.
We've been taught to judge ourselves and others, compete and compare, and focus on gaining approval. It’s not our fault that we’ve been marinating in these messages. But it’s up to us to heal.

Maitri, or a compassionate relationship with oneself, is the only way out. Self-Compassion is what can turn this around. With Self-Compassion we can lean into accepting ourselves, loving the journey, and healing what hurts.

I’m beyond excited to show you the way. I’m pumped to not only share with you the skills, tools and strategies I used (and still use), but to walk with you through a weekend of experiencing transformation.

This isn’t just healing our mindset, it’s healing our hearts. No article or self-help book, no video on how-to’s will give you the results you’re looking for. This is heart work.
It’s time to get away from the grind and step into a cozy atmosphere with a nurturing community. This is where true transformation happens.

There will be moving mindfulness practices, meditations, creativity, and other experiential opportunities throughout the weekend.

Registration Cost:
Early (ends January 25): $1,049
Regular (ends March 10): $1,249
Late (closes April 5): $1,339
Private Room: additional $295
***I am very happy to create a custom payment plan for you. The first installation will be $500 to hold your spot. The following payments can be customized. The full payment must be complete by April 5. Each installation will include a 3% charge to cover the processing fee.***

Registration includes:
2 nights lodging (the cabin will be occupied only by us, 2 people per room in queen beds, private room is available per request and if still available at an additional charge of $195), meals Friday evening - Sunday morning, snacks, coffee/hot-tea, all materials, gifts at the end of the retreat, a weekend of events, activities and practices by Kathleen.

NEW: Pre and Post Retreat Support!
The week before I will be sending you video lessons to introduce you to me, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion/Maitri, AND you'll get 1 video or phone call with me.

The month after, I'll be sending group emails with reminders, meditations, and lessons and everyone can respond (stay in touch, ask questions, share what's going well, etc.), AND you'll get 1 video or phone call with me.

On your own:
Any services/products from the spa, Food or Beverage outside of what is provided by One Moment Center, Products at the Coffee House, Transportation to/from Breezy Point Resort, any additional nights before or after the event

Please note I request this be an alcohol-free event.
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