Online Swim Coaching by Akiko Thomson
1. YOU WILL NEED A GMAIL ACCOUNT to register and participate in our Google Classroom

This Online Swim Coaching is a CUSTOMIZED ONE ON ONE SWIM COACHING with COACH AKIKO THOMSON GUEVARA and her husband COACH CHIPS GUEVARA designed to develop proper form and/or more efficient strokes for the student in any of the 4 competitive strokes (Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Backstroke, Butterfly). The student must be able to propel in the water, at the very least can doggie paddle, or have some form of a stroke. If the student is an intermediate or competitive swimmer, we will analyze the stroke for further improvements.

The Online Swim Coaching will consist of
1. One-on-one swim customized coaching with Coach Akiko and Coach Chips
2. Google Meet Video Conferencing for dryland coaching
3. Coaching via videos so that the student can review and follow the instructions at his/her own time while in the pool
4. Google Classroom will be used as the Learning Management System.
5. A certificate of course completion from Akiko Thomson Swim School
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