MCB112 Survey
Welcome to MCB112! We want to gauge everyone’s starting level in the course. Please give a brief answer to the following questions about your experience. Just a sentence or two would be perfect. This will not be graded in any way, so please be honest.
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What year are you? *
How comfortable are you with programming? *
e.g. "I’ve never coded before" or "I took CS50, but I've never used python." or "All I do is code!"
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How comfortable are you with statistics? *
e.g. "Math scares me." or "I've taken calculus, but I'm not totally comfortable with probability theory." or "I'm a frequentist. Fight me."
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How comfortable are you with molecular biology? *
e.g. "What is the central dogma?" or "I'm a bio major." or "I spend literally all my time in lab doing RNA-seq experiments."
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Anything else we should know?
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