QuakeCon Staff Application
Thank you so much for your interest in joining the volunteer staff for QuakeCon!

This application is our open call for new staff members to join the team. If you're wanting to join the staff for the first time or if you just haven't heard from the usual channels and you'd like to accelerate the process, this is the right place.

Please note that applicants must be at least 18 years old by July 20, 2019, have frequent internet access and commit to regularly reading our private forum on DIscord, as this is our primary method of communication.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our staffing team! We're available via email at staffing@quakecon.org or on the community QuakeCon Discord server in the channel #join-the-staff.

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First, let's check our expectations!
Please read through each of the statements below and check the box if you understand and agree. These help make sure that we're on the same page regarding expectations.
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Thank you for letting us get that out of the way.
Now on to some more traditional interview/application questions!
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We'll exchange more information later if we find out that we're a match. But for now, please give us your given/first name so that we can talk with you about your application.
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Often we know each other by our gaming handles even before our given names. If you have a gaming handle, please let us know.
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