YMCA Youth Legislature Appointed Position Application 2019
Please fill out each section of this form to the best of your ability. Below are job descriptions for each position. Please take the time to answer each question very thoroughly as it will improve your chances of receiving the position. No more than 150 words.

Committee Chair (including Vice-Chair): As a committee chair, you are responsible for directing a large group of individuals in the practice of parliamentary procedure. You must be able to put aside your personal feelings to act in a fair and objective manner. You must be able to encourage those who may not be outgoing to engage in discussions about bills. It is important to have organizational and time management skills as well as leadership qualities. (20 positions total-10 House/10 Senate)

Supreme Court Justice: Appointed Justices will be required to prepare a Bench Memorandum on the cases they will hear, based on the guidelines in the Youth Government manual. You must be articulate and able to hear both sides of an argument. In the end you must be able to make a decision based on arguments and facts. Note: You will not be serving in the house or senate. ( 6 positions)

Clerk: As a clerk, organization must be one of your strong suits. There are many bills that shuffle in and out of committee and between houses and it is your responsibility to ensure that they make it on the docket and are addressed in a timely fashion. As a Clerk you DO NOT serve in the chamber as well. (7 positions-House, Senate, Supreme Court , and Secretary of State [1])

Sergeant at Arms: As the Sergeant at Arms, you are responsible for making sure that all rules and regulations of the Youth Government are being carried out in their entirety. If there are disruptions it is your job to address them. You are also responsible for escorting special guests and officeholders in and out of the chambers. (1 position)

Youth Government Chaplain: As the Youth Government chaplain, you will deliver an inspirational message to both of the chambers each morning before they convene. Having the ability to convey your thoughts clearly is a must. You may serve as a senator or a representative as well. (1 position)

Newspaper Editor: As an editor of the newspaper, you must be interested in journalism and writing. Having the ability to discuss issues with others in a fair and respectful manner is necessary. You must also be organized as it is necessary to complete newspaper issues by a deadline. As an editor, you DO NOT serve in the chamber as well. (1 position)

Governor's Cabinet: As a member of the governor's cabinet, your role is to encourage, develop, and implement the governor's agenda. If you have differing opinions, you must be able to discuss them in a fair and respectful manner. Lobbying experience preferred. (5 positions)

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