St. Jude School (Preschool) Application for Enrollment for the 2017/2018 School Year
Please complete this form for all students who wish to attend preschool at St. Jude School during the 2017-2018 school year. Submission of an Application for Enrollment form does not guarantee admission to St. Jude School. The St. Jude Financial Packet will be sent to families following completion of this enrollment form. Families must complete the Financial Packet and return to St. Jude School along with the registration fee of $120 per preschool student within 1 week of receiving the packet. The enrollment is considered invalid until the registration fee is received. Registration fees are nonrefundable. A current preschool family MUST submit by 2/24/17 to guarantee a spot in preschool. Current school families and active parishioners will be given a preference for preschool class until 2/24/17. ***Please note that parishioner status will be verified prior to a family's Application for Enrollment being approved.

Please capitalize the first letter of names and do not use all caps for any section on this form. Thank you!

Preschool Student #1 Last Name
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Preschool Student #1 First Name
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Preschool Student #1 Middle Name
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Preschool Student #1 Date of Birth
Preschool Student #1 City/State of Birth
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Preschool Student #1 Gender
Preschool Student #1 Preschool Class (2017/2018 School Year)
Is Preschool Student #1 New to St. Jude?
Does Preschool Student #1 have any of the following:
Preschool Student #1 Religion/Parish
Preschool Student #1 Parish (if not St. Jude)
Answer only if Catholic but home parish is not St. Jude
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Preschool Student #1 Ethnicity
Preschool Student #1 Lives with
School Contact Email for Mother
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School Contact Email for Father
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Do you have additional preschool students to register?
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