Workshop Ideas for EARNCon 2019
Do you have a great idea for EARNCon 2019 – an emerging state policy issue, a hard-fought victory, or an exciting community partnership you’d like to highlight?
The 2019 EARN Conference will bring together close to 60 partners from 44 states to strategize about how to use research, advocacy, and deep partnerships with impacted communities to build worker power and win economic and racial justice victories at the state and local levels. The conference continues EARN’s tradition of bringing together leading economic thinkers, policy experts, members of the labor movement, community organizers, faith leaders, and academic researchers to discuss which strategies are working and what we can learn from those that aren’t.

If you have an idea for a workshop or plenary, please submit your ideas for our program ASAP using the form below. Session ideas that meet the following guidelines will be given priority:
• Include relevant topics, and/or speak to EARN's core principles;
• Include a discussion of how race and gender impact each issue;
• Include recommendations for a panel that includes racial, gender, and geographic diversity;
• Workshops are 75 minutes long. Be realistic about how much content you can effectively discuss in that time. Panels with more than 3 presenters are discouraged.
• Highlight the work of multiple state-based EARN partners.

Note: We would like all sessions to have at least one EARN state group panelist. If you’re at a national group or believe that a national partner has the deepest knowledge on a particular issue, try to find an EARN state partner who has dealt firsthand with this issue at the state level, or is planning to do so. If you do not know of such a group, we can help try to find someone.

For inspiration, below are some of the issues we hope to highlight during this year's conference.
(You can check out what we covered in last year's conference, here:

• Race-forward economic policies
• Preparing for the next recession
• Building worker power
• High-road economic development
• Market power and workers’ wages
• EARN in the South
• Criminal justice reform and the labor market
• Democracy and voting rights
• Gig economy and the future of workers
• Technical assistance and skills development

We look forward to using your submissions to build a conference that speaks clearly to the issues you all care about most.

We will be sharing additional information as it becomes available here:

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