7th E3S & SISS SYMPOSIUM "Tasting the Future in Sensory and Consumer Science"
Tuesday 28 May 2019, Milano, Festa del Perdono 7, University of Milan, Aula 201
Monday 27 May 2019 Pre-conference E3S activities, Palazzo Greppi, 12 Sant’Antonio Street, Milan
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May 28th 2019
Registration to the pre-conference E3S activities
May 27th 2019
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BANK TRANSFER TO: Società Italiana di Scienze Sensoriali

Bank: Unicredit Banca di Roma - Agenzia Firenze Redi
viale Redi, 41/L Firenze - Italy

IBAN: IT 17 N 02008 02829 000400324336
Swift code: UNCRITM1RO0

Receipt of payment will be provided at the event. For inquires contact segreteria@scienzesensoriali.it

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