Certification La French Tech Tokyo
By applying to be a certified member of La French Tech Tokyo, you agree with the following conditions :

- Be an established Japanese company (株式会社 or 合同会社) or an independent worker (freelancer, consultant...etc)

- You shall appoint someone within your organization who will be the main contact person with La French Tech Tokyo, and who will be willing to answer short surveys or questions regarding the innovation ecosystem you are involved with. Don't worry, we won't spam you ;)

- Once a year at the anniversary date of your certified membership, should you wish to keep your membership status, you will be asked to update your contact informations.

- You will be listed in the «La French Tech Tokyo startup guide » which will be downloadable from our website. Few information about your organization will be visible (see below), but with your consent we can always add more details should you wish to.

- You shall agree to respect La French Tech Tokyo values.

In exchange you will have the following benefits and rights :

- Once you get the certification, you will receive the right to use the logo of La French Tech Tokyo on any of your communication support. Along with the different logos (black & white and color) you will receive a brand book which explains the rules to use the logos.

- As certified members of La French Tech Tokyo you will receive assistance to promote your event and your company to the French or Japanese market.

- You will also have access to several opportunities: participate to pitch sessions, get visibility on exhibit shows booths, seminars and workshop organized by La French Tech Tokyo

- Your organization main contact person will also be added to our monthly newsletter along with receiving special offers by email (events at embassy ...etc.).

*** you can answer in both English or Japanese ***



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Our privacy policy : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PA4ESr0o8JIR-89XJX8t7gazeMd1t51u/view?usp=sharing

Should you have any question please contact us : lafrenchtechjapan@gmail.com

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Thank you for applying to become a certified member of La French Tech Tokyo. You’ll hear back from our Pinky-Redish Rooster Tokyo team in the  two weeks  to come!
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