GNI Cloud G Suite Program Application
Please use this form to apply for free G Suite licenses for your news organization. You should be in a qualified position to implement new technology systems at your organization in order to submit this form.

Terms & Conditions exclude the following companies:

(i) resident of a US embargoed country,
(ii) ordinarily resident in a US embargoed country,
(iii) otherwise prohibited by applicable export controls and sanctions programs from participating in the program,
(iv) employed by a government-owned or taxpayer-funded entity,
(v) a nonprofit or educational organization,
(vi) a current paying G Suite customer,
(vii) part of a news organization of more than 500 employees at the parent company level.

Additional Terms and Conditions apply (please refer to the bottom of the application)

What is the name of your news organization? (please include the parent company name too, if applicable) *
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What is your position within the company? *
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Are you in a qualified position to apply for and implement new technology systems at your organization? *
Are the intended beneficiaries of the G Suite licenses in your organization employed by a government-owned, nonprofit, or taxpayer-funded entity? *
Which country is your news organization based in? (2-digit country code) *
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If your company is located in the United States or Canada, please provide the state where you are headquartered. *
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What is the most frequently visited news website that your organization owns? *
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What is your company's primary email domain? (if seeking G Suite licenses for more than one domain, you must submit a separate application for each domain) *
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Are you a member of any of the following news associations? (please select all that apply) *
If you selected Other, please specify the news association that you are a member of here.
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By submitting this application, you give Google the permission to share the results of your application with the news association(s) you have identified.
How many employees does your organization have? *
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How many journalists does your organization have? *
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How many free G Suite seats are you interested in applying for? *
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Would you prefer support in implementation or training for G Suite? *
Please briefly summarize how these free G Suite licenses would help your business in the next two years. *
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Do you already work with a third-party partner for any of your technology needs including implementation and support? If yes, please let us know which partner so we can try our best to keep you working with them for the implementation phase of this program, should you get selected. *
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What is the best email address where we can reach you? (please provide main point of contact's information if that is not you) *
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What is the main point of contact's first name? *
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What is the main point of contact's last name? *
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We will reach out by email with further information once the application window closes.
Additional Terms & Conditions

The G Suite Credit (“Credit”) is subject to valid registration and acceptance of a G Suite account with satisfaction of any applicable eligibility requirements including acceptance of the applicable terms of service. You will be responsible for all usage in excess of the received Credit and you may not be notified once the Credit is exhausted. The Credit is non-transferable and may not be sold or bartered. The Credit is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date indicated when you receive the applicable Credit code or on such date as designed by Google (in which case the earlier date applies). Google reserves the right to cancel the Credit or change these terms at any time. You are responsible for determining the applicable tax treatment of receiving the Credits and for paying all applicable taxes. Offer void where prohibited by law.

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